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On December 21, the high-end forum on the trend of comprehensive energy service industry, hosted by the electricity sales and comprehensive energy service branch of CEC and hosted by State Grid Energy Saving Service Co., Ltd., was held in Beijing. This forum focuses on promoting the efficient use of energy, building a low-carbon and green China, and discussing the development trend and key areas of the comprehensive energy service industry. Participants have expressed that the development of comprehensive energy service and electricity sales needs to be open and shared, gather cross industry resources, promote extensive cooperation of all forces, and realize resource integration and coordination of the whole industry and the whole society development.
       Guo Wei, a second-class inspector of the power department of the national energy administration, believes that the world is in a period of great development, change and adjustment. The contradiction between energy environment and economic development is increasingly prominent. A new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial transformation are reshaping the global economic structure. Smart grid, new energy, terminal energy use, electrification and other energy and power technologies and "big, cloud, material, mobile, intelligent and joint" are also emerging With the continuous integration of the new generation of information and communication technologies, energy, electricity and economic and social development have been profoundly changed. Through the platform of electricity sales and comprehensive energy service branch, we will give full play to the active attempts of Deep Participation and win-win cooperation of upstream and downstream parties in the comprehensive energy service industry, including power grid enterprises, power generation enterprises, industrial enterprises, Internet communication technology service providers, etc., and constantly explore new modes of comprehensive energy service around key objects such as large industrial parks and industrial clusters It is of great significance to guide the transformation and upgrading of the energy consumption mode of industrial enterprises and promote the clean and low-carbon development of China's industry, which is conducive to promoting the technological innovation and achievement sharing in the field of electricity sales and comprehensive energy services, promoting the coordinated development of electricity sales and comprehensive energy services, and making positive contributions to the construction of a clean, low-carbon, safe and efficient energy system.
       Ren Weili, executive chairman of China electricity sales and comprehensive energy service branch and chairman of state grid energy saving company, introduced that State Grid Energy Saving Service Co., Ltd. is a leading enterprise in the comprehensive energy service industry of State Grid Corporation of China. It is committed to building a comprehensive energy service "ecosystem" and "friend circle" with grid characteristics and service industry development, which is based on grid enterprises, social oriented and market-oriented New enterprises with operation, specialized management and diversified development. Next, state grid energy conservation company will further give play to the industrial agglomeration effect of the branch in the field of comprehensive energy services, continuously promote the cooperation of enterprises in the field of comprehensive energy services in terms of technology, funds, projects, etc., and make positive contributions to promoting the energy production and consumption revolution and ensuring the sustainable development of economy and society.


Nanyin, chairman of Beijing People's Electric Appliance Factory Co., Ltd., mainly introduced the technological innovation achievements and technical realization guarantee of low-voltage electrical appliances in the field of comprehensive energy services
一、 Technological innovation includes the following four parts:
1. Key technology innovation of photovoltaic power generation system, including high-voltage key technology, high environmental applicability technology and energy-saving key technology, specific products include: gm8i / 51 Series Molded Case circuit breaker, gm5-40p small DC circuit breaker, ghr1-20p photovoltaic fuse type isolating switch
2. The key technology innovation of miniaturization mainly introduces the miniaturization technology of universal circuit breaker products, the specific products include gw8 series intelligent universal circuit breaker, the specific technology innovation includes: (1) flexible contact bridge contact, z-contact, single spring double pressure contact, under the same volume of foreign products, the capacity is increased by 25%, achieving the goal of large capacity and small volume; (2) )Multi narrow slot arc extinguishing chamber and multi-directional pressure reducing heat dissipation shell structure improve safety and economy (small volume); (3) V-shaped moving contact electric power compensation structure and single spring and double pressure moving contact improve short endurance, expand selective protection range and reliability of the system; (4) dual microprocessor backup protection, self generating power technology of magnetic circuit and intelligent control system improve protection Safety and reliability;
3. Energy saving and material saving key technology innovation, including energy saving of AC contactor, material saving key technology and material saving key technology of terminal distribution box. Compared with the traditional double break contactor, the single break contactor has the following advantages:
① The contact position is closer to the contact center area of theoretical design, reducing the center deviation of dynamic and static contacts when they are closed, ensuring the maximum contact area, thus reducing the contact resistance, reducing the contact temperature rise in the use process, and reducing the power loss.
② When the single break point moving and static contacts are placed in the cavity, the volume can be reduced by more than 15% and the cost can be reduced by 35%.
③ Single break point contactor adopts single contact on-off double side arc striking and extinguishing structure to enhance arc extinguishing effect and increase electrical life. It can extinguish the arc more quickly and reduce the burning loss of the contact. The moving contact arc striking piece is fixed on the moving contact contact plate and forms an integral part with the moving contact; the static contact arc striking piece is fixed on the static contact terminal and forms an integral part with the static contact, and the arc striking piece has protrusion, arc-shaped structure and notch on the structure, which can play the role of guiding and enhancing the arc striking effect, enhancing the arc extinguishing effect and increasing the electrical life.
Key technology of material saving for terminal distribution box
Innovative mobile flexible busbar and distribution device technology are adopted. Solve the problems caused by the inconsistent width of miniature circuit breaker and the inconsistent height of wiring terminal; solve the problem of insufficient current carrying area of series conductor scheme; solve the problems of too many concentrated conductors and low reliability of parallel conductor scheme; solve the disadvantages of high cost of series + parallel conductor scheme.
4. Key technology innovation of ubiquitous power Internet of things, including key technologies of intelligent leakage reclosing molded case circuit breaker and intelligent leakage monitoring miniature circuit breaker

二、 The technical realization guarantee includes the following three parts:
1. Intelligent design
In the advanced technology to do automation, digital. Process design has always been based on experience and prototype samples, which makes the quality, cycle and cost of process design unable to be effectively controlled. On the other hand, with the improvement of product complexity and process complexity, human resources are also exhausted. Beijing People's electric technology innovation R & D platform adopts unified data source + full digital design, which solves many problems such as version consistency, approval flow and traceability of multi department cooperation. The application of process simulation and factory simulation tools realizes the assembly evaluation, tooling and equipment evaluation, and logistics evaluation of products in the digital virtual space, which can provide designers with many quantitative indexes such as beat time, assembly accessibility, production line balance rate, logistics intensity, etc., and can build a 1:1 model of the digital chemical plant in the virtual space for the visibility of the overall layout Before the actual construction, the comprehensive and multi angle evaluation can greatly improve the quality of process design, and provide a complete digital model for the digital twin in the advanced stage of intelligent manufacturing.
2. Intelligent production
All stations of the production line of the universal circuit breaker are digital chemical stations, among which 45 are automatic chemical stations, and 24 sets of robots are used for assembly, detection, adjustment, transportation and other work. Through the digitization of production resources to ensure the accuracy and control of materials, through a high degree of automation to ensure product consistency, through 100% of the station digitization to achieve the whole process of process data traceability. The production line is compatible with 3200 / 4000 / 6300A and other shell frame products. The production line can automatically change the equipment, tooling and parameters according to the order. There are tens of thousands of quality control points in the whole production line. Quality control is carried out by means of automatic material check, prompt of material taking position, monitoring of material taking count, screw torque, closed-loop monitoring of quantity, process interlock and so on, so that there is no hiding place for defective products. It has achieved the guarantee improvement from certificate quality, prototype quality to process quality, and established the firm confidence of customers in domestic universal circuit breakers.
3. Intelligent operation
An enterprise information platform based on product master data management is established, which can extract, analyze and present data through multi system integration interface, providing support for intelligent operation decision-making. We can grasp the customer focus on products, customer orders, transportation and distribution, work in progress / quality / energy consumption, field problems, etc. in real time, which effectively solves the existing problems of information asymmetry and bullwhip effect in the original supply chain, and realizes the overall efficient cooperation and the best overall benefit.


During the exchange and speech, the participants held in-depth exchanges and discussions on the topics of "exploration and practice of comprehensive energy business" and "key to energy sustainable development".
       In recent years, electricity sales and comprehensive energy services have emerged as a new way to adapt to the diversified transformation of modern energy supply system and consumption mode. Compared with traditional energy consumption habits, they have obvious advantages in energy utilization efficiency, increasing the proportion of energy and renewable energy. In the keynote speech, sun Hongbin, Professor of Tsinghua University, Zeng Ming, director of energy Internet research center of North China Electric Power University, Zhou Fuqiu, director of energy system analysis research center of Energy Research Institute of national development and Reform Commission, Li Weiyang, vice president of Energy Research Institute of State Grid, and other experts and scholars focused on the multi energy flow integrated energy management system, ubiquitous power Internet of things and integrated energy services coordinated by cloud edge The key areas of the development of the comprehensive energy service industry and the development trend of the comprehensive energy service industry made forward-looking statements.
 It is understood that the branch of CLP Power Sales and comprehensive energy services was established on July 9, aiming to widely gather industry resources, fully link the upstream and downstream of the industry chain, closely contact energy and power enterprises, energy-saving and environmental protection enterprises, equipment manufacturers, large heating groups, information and communication, Internet enterprises, power sales companies, as well as relevant industry associations, academic and scientific research institutions, etc., and give full play to each meeting With the advantages of scientific and technological resources, human resources, market resources and information resources, the member units actively promote the development of comprehensive energy service industry, meet the people's needs for a better life in a more efficient, economic and environmental way, and jointly build a "friend circle" of comprehensive energy services featuring "co creation, co construction and mutual benefit". Yang Kun, deputy director general and Secretary of the Party committee of China electricity Federation, said that the holding of this forum and the enlarged meeting of the president of the branch also adheres to the concept of serving members, actively builds a national service platform in the professional field, promotes the deep integration of energy system and information technology, and realizes the integration of comprehensive energy services The multiple applications in the energy Internet drive the collaborative cooperation of all links and fields of the comprehensive energy industry, and jointly improve the scientific and technological innovation level and trend research and judgment ability of the comprehensive energy service enterprises.