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Shanghai, November 15, 2018 -- hosted by the industry mainstream media of low voltage electrical industry & renewable energy "YiWei awards a successful ending."YiWei award" is China's low-voltage electrical industry & renewable energy of the first large integrated selection activities, large scale, high specification, involving the whole low voltage apparatus & renewable energy industry, is the industry's high attention.Will also encourage more excellent low voltage apparatus & renewable energy companies and the industry elite, and further promote the low-voltage electrical appliances & renewable energy industry big development, great prosperity!

Beijing people's electric co., LTD., relying on excellent brand awareness and good reputation, leading technology, users and business aspects of the knowledge and experience every won seven awards:

Low voltage electrical appliances industry - the most influential brand

Renewable energy generation systems industry - best suppliers

Low voltage electrical appliances industry and industry - renewable energy power generation system innovation。

Low voltage electrical appliances industry - optimal pv with circuit breaker

Low voltage electrical appliances industry - top ten universal circuit breaker

Low-voltage electrical appliances industry and renewable energy generation systems industry elite(南添總經理)

Low-voltage electrical appliances industry and renewable energy generation systems - outstanding innovation achievement award(南寅董事長)


Secretary to chairman south Yin lu outstanding innovation achievement

Low-voltage electrical appliances industry and renewable energy generation systems - innovation: GM5-40 p pv in dc circuit breaker


Product features

High voltage, high voltage on the use of the products, unipolar DC500V, polar DC1000V, quadrupole can reach DC1500V, far higher than similar products in the use of voltage;

Small size: under the same voltage of similar products, the volume is only 50% ~ 70% of similar products;

High reliability: its unique contact system, can achieve reliable under the rated voltage of arcing.

Low-voltage electrical appliances industry, optimizing pv with circuit breaker: 51 all is a new generation of single breakpoint GM8i/high voltage high marks broken circuit breakers

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Product features

High voltage, high marks broken: maximum AC1000V/DC1500V circuit breaker rated voltage, breaking capacity up to 200 ka;

Small volume: volume is only 85% of the conventional circuit breaker on the market, effectively improve the duty ratio of cabinet put oneself in another's position;

High limit flow: the current limit coefficient of circuit breaker to 0.1, lowest maximum protect load equipment from the harm of short-circuit current;

Intelligent management of energy efficiency: the intelligent controller has the "four control" function, at the same time can through to the electricity environment of electric parameter measurement and detection to achieve energy efficiency management;

Wireless communication and distribution iot system solution: communication support wired and wireless applications.Optional bluetooth & NFC module implements the phone APP and the PC monitoring and control functions.In addition to support Ethernet TCP/IP communication protocol and network interconnection and interflow, and easily implement equipment and state

Hd display OLED, light, high brightness, wider Angle of view, the sun visible, wider operating temperature range: - 40 ℃ ~ 70 ℃;

G - Smart series dc insulation monitoring module: supporting GM51 dc molded case circuit breaker is used, to be able to monitor circuit breaker status and information collection, and cooperate with the dc insulation monitoring device to complete positioning and dc grounding line selection, communication into the line selection and line selection.

Low voltage electrical appliances industry - top ten universal type circuit breaker: GW7 series intelligent universal type circuit breaker

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Product features

With current shell, small volume: volume for normal product volume of 50% to 70%;

Large capacity: flexible contact bridge contacts and new terminal technology, increase the contact area between the conductive body of more than 85%, make with product size, capacity than conventional products 25% increase;

High marks broken: a single spring dual pressure and V groove technology, make the same product volume, breaking ability than conventional products 40% increase;

Extremely high marks broken arcing: more narrow gap arcing and multidirectional decompression technology, make the same product volume, arcing ability than conventional products 40% increase;

High reliability: intelligent controller of double microprocessors backup protection + width of current power supply technology;

Materials: current with shell, a 2000 a ACB save about 20 kg of copper and silver;A 4000 a ACB saving copper and silver about 40 kg;

Innovation concept of the company will always running through in all aspects of technology and service, and carefully build each product solutions.Through this award again highlights the Beijing people's electric co., LTD in influence in the field of renewable energy industry, demonstrates the domestic market leading position in the field of low voltage apparatus, to fully demonstrate innovation and advancement of technology, the comprehensive competitiveness of enterprise management, etc.

Beijing people's electric co., LTD., adhere to the "super customer value demand" as the value orientation, development with independent intellectual property rights of high-tech, proprietary technology, independent innovation and application.Continue to play a "high performance products, excellent quality, considerate service", is committed to build "global specialty electrical development base" strategic planning, so as to continue to lay my company in the domestic industry the important position of the market.