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On March 05, 2019, China Electric Power Enterprise Federation (CTU) established the Energy Internet Standardization Technical Committee.

There are 37 members in the first session of the Bidding Committee. The chairman is Liu Yongdong, the vice-chairmen are Zhao Haixiang, Su Jian and Yuan Zhiyong, and the Secretary-General is Liu Haitao.。

The scope of work of the Energy Internet Standardization Technical Committee of the China Electric Power Enterprise Federation is to be responsible for the standardization work of the energy Internet standard system construction, standard formulation/revision, standard publicity and consistency, focusing on the road map for the development of the energy Internet, infrastructure, information resources, energy services, policy supervision, planning and design, engineering construction, operation and maintenance, test and testing, etc. Development and promotion of standards. The affiliated unit of the Secretariat of the Bidding Committee is National Online Shanghai Energy Internet Research Institute Co., Ltd.。


Nan Yin, Chairman of the Board of Directors, was appointed as a member of the Technical Committee for Energy and Internet Standardization of the First China Electric Power Enterprise Federation↑