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On November 14, 2019, the Forum on technological innovation and development of private electric power enterprises jointly sponsored by China Society of electrical engineering and Jiangsu Association of science and technology was held in Beijing. The forum is one of the important theme activities of the annual meeting of China Society of electrical engineering in 2019. The theme is to improve the technological innovation ability of private enterprises, serve the innovation and development of private enterprises, and set up two links of keynote report and guest dialogue. More than 200 representatives from nearly 100 private electric power enterprises attended the meeting.

Tang Guangfu, academician of Chinese Academy of engineering and President of global energy Internet Research Institute, attended the forum and presided over the dialogue of guests. Sun Hongqi, Deputy Secretary General of China Society of electrical engineering, Feng Shaodong, vice chairman of Jiangsu Association of science and technology, and Wang Hailin, Jiangsu society of Electrical Engineering attended the meeting and delivered speeches. Zhou Jianqi, director of the enterprise evaluation research office of the Enterprise Research Institute of the development research center of the State Council, he Tao, equipment department of the energy conservation and Technology Equipment Department of the state energy administration, Liu riliang, Power Distribution Department of the equipment department of the State Grid Corporation, Li Cao, director of the enterprise wechat energy industry of Tencent Corporation, Xu Dake, President of the Research Institute of Jiangsu Daquan Group, and Nanyin, chairman of Beijing People's Electric Appliance Factory Co., Ltd Wu Yunxi, Deputy Secretary General of China Society of electrical engineering, presided over the keynote report. Zhou Jianqi, director of Enterprise Evaluation Research Office of Enterprise Research Institute of development research center of the State Council, Niu Dongxiao, Professor of School of economics and management of North China Electric Power University, Xie Shuhong, chief engineer and Dean of Research Institute of Jiangsu Zhongtian Technology Co., Ltd., Qin Hongxia, vice president and chief Engineer of Beijing Sifang Jibao Automation Co., Ltd., sun Zhonglin, vice president of Hengtong electric power industry group, TBEA Six guests, Zhang Chen, deputy director of strategic development department, participated in the dialogue.

Sun Hongqi's speech

Speech by Feng Shaodong

Speech by Wang Hailin

Wu Yunxi presides over the keynote Report

Zhou Jianqi pointed out in the report entitled "the transformation and development of enterprises in the digital economy era" that the global digital economy era has been opened since 2000. The digital technology system has given birth to new products, new services, new models and new formats, and has become a new driving force for economic development. The digital technology innovation is pregnant with major changes in the economic field. Private enterprises should actively change their thinking, deepen their service, make clear the development strategy in the transformation stage, attach great importance to model innovation, and actively embrace the era of digital economy.

Zhou Jianqi makes keynote Report

Liu riliang pointed out in his report "analysis of distribution network technical requirements for" two networks integration ", that the construction of distribution Internet of things should realize the" three flows in one "of business flow, data flow and energy flow, so as to realize the improvement of four capabilities. The report also analyzes the internal and external challenges faced by the development of the distribution Internet of things, and points out that the construction of a two network integrated distribution Internet of things system should integrate the needs of grid companies and primary, secondary communication, and main station related manufacturers, and build a win-win ecosystem of cooperation.

Liu riliang makes keynote Report

In his report entitled "connecting to achieve smart energy", Li Cao analyzed the new situation and challenges faced by the construction of smart energy enterprises. Taking wechat as an example, he proposed three capabilities for enterprises by using the new technology of cloud, big material and mobile, one is to help enterprises connect with the interior, improve communication efficiency and management level; the other is to help enterprises connect with the ecology; the third is to help enterprises connect with each other Consumers provide solutions for enterprises to innovate working environment and realize network intelligence.

Li operation keynote Report

Xu Dake, in his report entitled "science and technology creates the future, innovation drives development", combined with the experience of Jiangsu Daquan Group Company in science and technology innovation, proposed that private enterprises should actively integrate digital technology with industrial technology, strive to realize the digitalization of enterprise management, design, manufacturing and service, make full use of their own advantages, stimulate enterprise innovation vitality, and improve enterprises innovation ability.

Xu Dake makes keynote Report

In the report entitled "demonstration of new manufacturing mode in China for intelligent circuit breakers", Nanyin takes the production and manufacturing of intelligent circuit breakers as an example and proposes that two important aspects of realizing intelligent manufacturing are to establish information system and formulate standard system. Through the new intelligent manufacturing mode of power equipment production, it brings good social benefits, greatly improves the reliability of products, and improves the influence of domestic brands.

Nanyin makes keynote Report


In the dialogue with guests, academicians and experts focused on the three themes of "the main problems faced by the development of private enterprises", "the role of scientific and technological innovation in the development of private enterprises" and "how to establish and improve the scientific and technological innovation system of private enterprises", respectively carried out dialogue and exchange from the aspects of talent introduction and training, innovation incentive mechanism, standard system construction, etc., and proposed to promote private enterprises of electric power Suggestions for industrial innovation and development.

Tang Guangfu presides over the dialogue with guests

In early 2019, in order to implement the spirit of the important speech of general secretary Xi Jinping at the Forum on private enterprises, earnestly carry out the duties of "four services" and actively support the development and growth of private enterprises, the Chinese Institute of electrical engineering has formulated and issued guidance opinions on strengthening the innovation and development of services for private enterprises, and has carried out technical service for several private enterprises successively. With the theme of improving the technological innovation ability of private enterprises, the forum organized extensive and in-depth exchanges and discussions, built a platform for private enterprises to share and exchange innovation experience, opened up new channels to serve the development of private enterprises, and achieved good results in helping the innovation and development of private enterprises.